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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

June 18, 2011 Cannon Lake West of Fairbault, MN

Temperature: 66 degrees, storms, overcast
Shoreline: Houses, marshy bay, part of Cannon Lake
Time: 2 hour paddle for 2 of the 3 bays

Nearest Town:  Fairbault, MN
Lake Size:  ____ Acres, maximum depth of __ ft.
Lake Access:  good beach access, Pavilion with picnic tables
Bathroom: Satellite
Parking: At launch site

We drove South on I35 as storms hit every few minutes. Tons of rain and wind.  When we arrived at Clinton Falls Farms (John and Lowell's farm)it hadn't rained there. We were going to kayak on the Straight River, which runs along the West side of the farm. There were extreme flood warnings, that caboshed that idea.  John and Lowell thought we'd be able to avoid the storms that were still coming by trying Cannon Lake, just on West of Fairbault.  

Lowell, John, Debbie, Todd

We drove to the park by the lake. Definitely storms clouds coming NW, but looked like it would miss us.  Sprinkled a little, so we ate our picnic lunch.  Decided to try to get in a paddle.  The four of us hoped in our kayaks and were able to paddle for about an hour and a half. It was a great time. Check out the pictures. We had a terrific time in a bay just relaxing and talking. Seemed like we were floating on air, suspended. Love you guys!!

Todd and Lowell

June 10, 2011 Mitchell Lake, Eden Prairie

Temperature: 68 degrees, sunny, some clouds, light
Shoreline: Houses
Time: 2 hour paddle for 2 of the 3 bays

Nearest Town:  Eden Praire
Lake Size:  ____ Acres, maximum depth of __ ft.
Lake Access:  Miller Park, concrete, good access
Bathroom: Satellite within walking distance
Parking: At launch site

Mitchell Lake is behind Miller Park and Dunn Brothers.  It's just two miles South of Todd's.  It has a good launch. There a multiple fingers of bays.  Mostly calm water that afternoon.  Pontoons with 9.9 motors. Can't water ski. Nice for us 
kayakers.!! Best features are: it's close, no skiers, bays are fun.

Concert Launch

Thursday, September 8, 2011

June 4, 2011 Parley Lake

Temperature: 75 degrees, sunny
Shoreline: Few houses, couple of farms around the lake
Time: 3 hour paddle for 2 of the 3 bays

Nearest Town:  St. Bonifacius
Lake Size:  ____ Acres, maximum depth of __ ft.
Lake Access:  West side, went through marsh tunnel to Mud Lake
Bathroom: Satellite, icky
Parking: At launch site

Gorgeous 3 hour paddle.  Drove by Parley Lake Winery - highly recommend!! It's North/East of the winery, down a dirt/gravel road. The public launch isn't easy to find.  There is a decent concrete launch and dock. Pulled the kayaks off the truck.  That took about 2 minutes.  Loaded the gear and lunch in the kayaks. 

You know your at Parley!!
Paddled past the Crown College beach and watched a dad teaching his kids how to fish.  We ate a picnic lunch, on the lake, off the beach.  Came to a marshy area.  Lots of tunnels through the grass.  Kept trying a bunch of different paths, dead ends.  Disturbed many GIGANTIC carp sleeping in the quiet waters.  Ready to give up, thinking there were miles of marsh land, when suddenly a turn to the left and one to the right and whala!! there was another lake. OM!!! We were so excited. Just a small round lake with only a couple of houses. But it was ours. Todd originally called it Debbie Lake.  Later we found out it's called Mud Lake and connected to Six Mile Creek. 

Lovely view of the shore. Awwww.

Todd tried fishing, no luck.  Except for a bright red sunburn (Todd), it was an awesome paddle.  Maybe 10 fishing boats.

Debbie had to use the satellite 
- really wish I hadn't.


May 29, 2011 Carson Bay

May 29, 2011
Carson Bay, Lake Minnetonka, good launch
Temperature: 62 degrees, cloudy, sprinkles 
Shoreline: Mansions all around the bay, accept when you paddle under bridge to a smaller bay - marshy
Time: 2 1/2 hour paddle

Nearest Town:  Deephaven
Lake Size:  ___ Acres, maximum depth of __ ft.
Lake Access:  
Bathroom: None
Parking: Drop of kayaks, and walk for 1/2 mile

There were only a few boats on the bay. It was coolish and the rain sprinkled on and off.  Some people were out working on boats, yards, and docks.  A few people fishing.

A very inviting beach called No Como Beach.  There is a satellite on the beach, but only people who live in Deephaven can use it. :)

We cruised around looking at mansions and sailboats.  Lots of wooden boats.  Went under a bridge and into a small marshy area.  Only a boat or two. Nice paddle.  Todd wants to get ready for fishing from his kayak.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

May 28, 2011 Lotus Lake (East side), Carver County, Minnesota

May 28, 2011
Lotus Lake the East bay, excellent launch
Temperature: 65 degrees, windy, sunny
Shoreline: Houses all around the lake
Time: 2 hour paddle for 2 of the 3 bays

Nearest Town:  Chanhassen
Lake Size:  247 Acres, maximum depth of 31 ft.
Lake Access:  South shore of lake off State Hwy. 101, good launch
Bathroom: Satellite
Parking: Couple of hundred feet

Paddled the East side of Lotus Lake to go around the other bay and back.  Nothing unusual, nice paddle. Now that's it's warming up, lots of people putting in docks, started to fish and boat.  Love the fact it takes us about 3 minutes to load up the kayaks and gear. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

May 1, 2011 Lotus Lake (West bay), Carver County, Minnesota

May 1, 2011
Lotus Lake the West bay, excellent launch, parking near
Temperature: 39 degrees
Shoreline: Houses all around the lake
Time: 2 hour paddle for 2 of the 3 bays

Nearest Town:  Chanhassen
Lake Size:  247 Acres, maximum depth of 31 ft.
Lake Access:  South shore of lake off State Hwy. 101, good launch
Bathroom: Satellite
Parking: Couple of hundred feet

Brrrrr. Windy, cloudy, misty, cold, but not freezing
Our first time out. Can't wait for warm weather and sunny skies. The only brave people on the lake, except for the birds. It took us about 5 minutes to load two kayaks on the pickup truck and about 3 minutes to unload at the launch.
Little nervous. Totally awesome. Birds kept us company. Water was had a little rock. Hands were cold at the end of the paddle. Wore waterproof clothes, gloves and rubber boots.

Great start to the beginning of many adventures. It keeps getting better.

First time in a Kayak.  Lotus Lake was a very good experiance. Waited all winter to get out and try a new Kayak. Debbie was a great teacher and insperation to get out and try it. We dressed right, had our life jackets on and stayed close to the shore (just in case).

Link to map of lake: